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The Voice Behind The Wall


The Voice Behind The Wall is a conscientious examination of the Afrikaans music industry and the racial imbalances that still persist almost 30 years since the abolishment of Apartheid. Despite the fact that the Afrikaans language was used to champion white supremacy in a system of institutionalised racial segregation known as Apartheid, its origins lay within the brown communities of Southern Africa. This documentary exposes the cultural appropriation of Afrikaans by the white elite and delves into the disastrous state of the post-Apartheid Afrikaans music industry, where the erasure of brown contributions to the Afrikaans culture is still perpetuated.  In this film Churchil Naudé, exceptional poet and rapper, stands as a surrogate for a whole community of  ignored artists, whose voices are now oppressed by the very same media industry that was guilty of using it’s powerful platform to further the white cause during one of the world's worst crimes against humanity.  These voices , a whole community of voices behind the wall.

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